On the 30th September 2022, out teams came together to do something special…

Just like many, the hospitality industry has been tested over the past few years and has had significant changes in the way it has operated. The pandemic hit hospitality hard. Restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels and venues have been fighting for survival for the past two years, and so have the farmers, brewers, manufacturers and distributors that supply them. Since March 2020, thousands of businesses, livelihoods and lives have been lost; and many of our favourite places have closed forever. Lockdowns taught us how much richer our lives are for having our favourite venues in them. All our lives, we’ve taken them for granted. Then, when we couldn’t go out, we realised how badly we missed the places at the hearts of our communities. National Hospitality Day is a nationwide celebration of our brilliant and resilient restaurants, hotels, pubs and bars, and the suppliers that support them and this year our CEO Kevin Charity wanted to get involved.


At a Junior Board meeting in August, our teams for all different positions within out group put their heads together to discuss how we could contribute to the cause and decided that on the day any tips received would be donated. This generous act from out teams raised a considerable amount for the cause.

Kevin Charity, Chief Executive of The Coaching Inn Group, said:

“I am delighted that all our teams, across the whole Coaching Inn Group, decided to donate their tips to “National Hospitality Day”. We had a lot of fun, and our guests enjoyed it too, thank you to both our teams and guests for their generosity in making their donations to these great hospitality charities”

Adam Charity, Head of Operations of The Coaching Inn Group, said: 

“What a fabulous occasion celebrating National Hospitality Day. All of our teams including those who don’t normally work in the Hotels took part and celebrated what a fun and incredible industry we work in. Thank you to both our teams and guests for supporting National Hospitality Day. “