• Our Covid Strategy has been given the 'We're Good to Go' Mark from Visit England

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  • Read about the 9 ways we are protecting our guests and teams

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  • We have partnered with Zenith Hygiene to identify key touch points across our bedrooms.

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Covid Secure Re-opening

The government introduced new rules for hospitality businesses in September 2020, including a new curfew, a requirement for mask to be worn and track and trace details to be shared upon entry into our Inns.


We’ve put together this short video explaining how we are staying Covid secure.

We have partnered with Zenith Hygiene to identify key touch points across our bedrooms. Our housekeeping team will begin using these enhanced measures to target these points.

1. Bed & Bedding – All bed linens including duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets
2. Handles & Knobs – Doors, closets, drawers, furniture knobs and drapery pull handles
3. Switches & Controls – Lights, lamps, switches and electronic controls
4. Hard Surfaces – Tables, desks and nightstands
5. Telephones & Clocks – In-room phone, alarm clock and wall clocks
6. Closet Goods – Iron, safe handles & keypad
7. In-Room Food & Drink – Cutlery, glassware, kettles & bottled water
8. Fans & Air Conditioning – Controls, buttons & panels
9. Toiletries – Bulk dispensers, individual amenities, tissue boxes & soap dishes
10. Toilet, Sink, Bath & Shower – Toilet seat, taps, handles & nozzles

Read our full Bedroom Guidelines here

Our friends at ChicoStay Ltd have offered their expertise in providing an online check-in and check-out process to assists with social distancing. Don’t worry, this is a free service and you can still say hello to our reception team and check in with them. Here is how the process works:

Checking in:

  1. on the morning of your day of arrival, you will receive an email invitation from ChicoStay to check-in to your room. Follow the instructions provided and this confirms your booking and payment method
  2. before your 15:00 check in time, you will receive an email with a check in unique code
  3. when in reception, present this code to your receptionist and collect your room key

Checking out:

  1. on the morning of your departure day, you will receive an email invitation from ChicoStay to check-out of your room. Your bill will be presented to you and once all agreed, continue to Check Out
  2. this will charge the debit/credit card provided at time of booking and check you out
  3. all that is left to do is leave your room key either in the room or with the reception team on your departure

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