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Available Positions

Available Positions


The Golden Lion Hotel, St Ives
» Breakfast Chef
» Duty Manager
» Housekeeper


The Feathers Hotel, Helmsley
» Sous Chef
» Chef de Partie
» Commis Chef

» Front of House Team Members
» Housekeeper
» Night Porter - Part Time

The Golden Fleece Hotel, Thirsk
» Duty Manager
» Senior Chef de Partie

The Kings Head Hotel, Richmond, North Yorkshire
» Housekeeping
» Chef de Partie
» Commis Chef
» Front of House Team Members

Old Bridge Hotel, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire
» Duty Manager



Three Swans Hotel, Market Harborough, Leicestershire
» Sous Chef
» Commis Chef
» Chef de Partie
» Night Porter

The Talbot Hotel, Oundle, Northamptonshire
» Bar & Waiting on Staff
» Sous Chef
» Maintenance / Handyperson


Royal Oak Hotel, Welshpool
» Sous Chef
» Head Chef


White Hart Hotel, Boston, Lincolnshire
» Chef de Partie
» Front of House / Bar Staff

Head Office, Boston, Lincolnshire
No Vacancies at this time.

Admiral Rodney Hotel, Horncastle, Lincolnshire
No Vacancies at this time.



White Hart Royal Hotel, Moreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire
No Vacancies at this time.

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Interview preparations

Interview preparations

First of all congratulations on getting through to the interview stage. We know going for an interview isn't everyone's thing, so we have created this page to help those of you that are a little nervous and unsure of what to expect. It also offers some pointers of things we think you ought to know about before you join our team.

Know the Basics
. Learn some basic bits about the hotel and its history
. Do your homework - look up the Coaching Inn Group and see what we're about
. Look at the direct competitors to the hotel you have applied for
. Search for any press releases or news reports about the hotel

. Try to think ahead and be ready with answers to some of the questions you could get asked
For example: Tell me about yourself? Why are you applying for the position? Why do you want to work here? Why should we hire you?
. Be ready to ask questions at your interview, you can always bring a list of questions with you
. Arrive on time and be well presented, first impressions do count

. Try to feel relaxed, comfortable and confident
. A bit of stress is good for you!
. Be honest and let your personality shine through
. Always smile, we are in the hospitality industry so show that you can be hospitable - life is too short not to smile 🙂

Rising Star programme

Rising Star programme

Rising Stars

Our new management fast-track programme will see successful applicants undertake an intensive six months training, both at their own site and also within a number of our other group venues. They will gain valuable training and experience in the food & beverage operation, conference and banqueting, reservation management, reception and will work for a period at head office to also learn skills in leadership, management, sales, marketing, H .R. accounts and finance.

Kevin Charity, managing director, said: “We pride ourselves on our staff retention levels and on the number of employees who have worked their way up within the business. However, as we grow we know that retention and development of our best employees becomes increasingly important”.

“Last year we launched a joint programme with CPL Training to offer courses tailored to the roles of individual staff members. This year we wanted to go one step further, finding those staff members who could be future industry leaders and offering them the opportunity to fast-track their careers with us.”

Group training and development manager, Lee Melton, said “The programme this year is a pilot scheme and has initially targeted employees within the group, however, next year we expect to also open the programme up to external applicants”.

He said: “Attracting the best talent is key to our future development and growth, and in order to do that we want to showcase the programme as a genuine career opportunity with a clear path for progression”.

If you are interested in applying for the Rising Star Programme, please contact Lee Melton direct on

Training and Development

Training and Development

Last year we launched a joint programme with CPL Training to offer training courses tailored to individual staff members. With over 1,000 courses completed to date, we're committed to ensuring all our staff have the knowledge they need to succeed. It is a great partnership as CPL Training is the leading provider of licensed retail and hospitality training in the UK. It also gives us the confidence that our team and our guests are being well looked after in a happy and safe environment.

All our new employees have to complete their specialist online training before being allowed onto the shop floor. Amongst these courses is the ALPS (Award for Licensed Premises Staff), giving our new bar and waiting on team members greater knowledge about serving alcohol and what we can and can't do in keeping with Licensing Law. Courses generic to all new staff are our Customer Service course, as we are passionate about delivering high levels of quality service and it really helps to get this message across. In addition, all staff participate in our Health and Safety training course. This is key to all workers as the safety of our staff and guests is paramount. The final course for new staff is Fire Awareness; all staff must be able to understand how to keep calm and to help guide all guests and employees out of the building safely in the event of a fire.
Additional training provided to our employees include barista coffee training, WSET wine training, speciality cocktail training, NVQ’s, Food Safety and First Aid.


Hero of the moment

Hero of the moment

The ‘Hero of the moment’ reward is issued to the team member who the manager believes should be nominated for giving something extra to the hotel, to colleagues or our guests. Therefore it can be given to any member of the hotel team no matter what their job role is. It’s not simply an ‘employee of the month’ because it’s bigger than that. It’s given to the person who has chosen to make a difference. To be honest, the best days arrive from the feeling of when we have gone out of my way to give great service to guests or colleagues, it costs nothing but gives us great personnel reward.


Our Most Recent Hero

Tina Stubley, Deputy General Manager, The Old Bridge Inn

"Firstly I would like to give a special mention to Dan Garlick and Ellen Scott.  I was on holiday for 4 weeks this month which was only possible due to the hard work of these 3 people. Dan newly promoted to Duty Manager (a week before I went on holiday), well done and Ellen who returned to work for us part time in January. Thank you to them and the team for their hard work whilst I was away.

Tina has however been my hero this month taking charge of the Old Bridge for 4 weeks. She has done a fantastic job with some very busy days, we all know what happens when the sun decides to come out in Holmfirth.  The staff have done nothing but praise her since my return to work saying how supportive and how great she has been.  My first week away she went above and beyond (as she always does) not having a day off, making sure she was there for the staff and various meetings that were taking place.  She even moved in on her days off wanting to make sure she was here for the team if they needed her. Thank you Tina for your hard work.